Ultrasonic Cavitation

ultrasonic cavitation

The popularity of liposuction in the U.S. cannot be denied but is it safe? Many prospective patients are choosing for more advanced forms of liposuction which include ultrasonic cavitation and tumescent liposuction. If you are contemplating having this procedure you should remember to ask the doctor what specific approaches he will use so that you’ll be able to understand the dangers.

ultrasonic cavitation, otherwise referred to as ultrasonic-assisted liposuction or UAL, is an advanced process used by liposuction doctors to help them in removing body fats more economically and effectively. Through the use of this tool to help in breaking up the fat cells the surgeon can remove more fat, more easily. ultrasonic cavitation works by using “ultrasonic energy” to break up fat cells in specific areas and converting these unwanted fats into oil. The regions involved are normally upper abdomen, the flanks, back, hips and regions where you have had liposuction before. These places have been found to be much more complicated than others.

The Process Itself

A generator is used by ultrasonic cavitation. As with conventional liposuction there is a vacuum involved but this one is specifically made for this. Oily areas are identified by injecting them with tumescent fluids. As the fat is passed through by the canula, fat cells are broken down by the energy and converts them. This oil and the tumescent fluids will then combine together to form a mixture that can be readily sucked outside through the canula.

ultrasonic cavitation

Currently ultrasonic cavitation is not considered a replacement for conventional liposuction because in most cases precisely the same outcome can be expected. It can be used in conjunction with traditional processes because it can readily reduce or treat fats that have not been easy to remove using traditional liposuction.

What are the hazards associated with ultrasonic cavitation? See the information onĀ www.karvage.com.

There are more dangers and complications related to this procedure than with conventional liposuction. These include: Burning of the patient’s skin. Possible scarring in the burns. Blood Clots. Harm.

The application of ultrasonic energy for this purpose is new so a lot of the long term threats aren’t yet known. More so in sensitive regions like neck and the face.

All the above said the use of ultrasonic cavitation is growing because it can help the surgeon remove more fat than conventional approaches. The equipment costs more so traditional liposuction is not higher than the cost of ultrasonic cavitation. It may be worth it especially if you discover you need lots of fat removed in areas like the back and upper abdomen. The trouble areas that benefit from the utilization of ultrasonic cavitation are typically the ones guys want done. The results may be worth the added risks if you’re male or female.

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