Tourism Packages

Dear National Federation:

In five months time you will be in the IRF 2011 World Rafting Championship, Costa Rica experience!

We hope all preparations are going well with each federation.

To provide the best facilities for the WRC, we need to know certain things about people that are coming.

–     We need the registration forms for each team (Or the date when your National Selections will be taking place.)

–    We need to know the exact number of people that are coming, meaning – team members, coaches, spectators, media people, etc. This is because we need to make reservations for the people that can’t stay at the Eco Village Camp where the teams will be staying. (Please understand there is limited space so we cannot accommodate everyone there. The earlier you register the better.

–    We need a passport size photo of each team member, and coaches, to make the Camp’s ID.

–    You need to pay the entry fee as soon as possible to confirm your participation.

Also, we are sending all the tourism packages we offer and recommend if you’re staying after WRC, for visiting Costa Rica. We have different options, depending on the length of time you are staying and your budget.


Thanks for your understanding, and regards

Laura Cambronero F

WRC Executive Director