Rich Cougar Women

Rich Cougar Women

If you’re rich cougar women age 35 or older, you comprehend that you’re not an animal, not a fantasy or mythical creature, not driven by your sexuality in life. You realize that you are a complex individual adult female with a job/career, family, friends, selections, challenges, opinions, interests, and yes, a sexuality. Selecting to be with a younger male partner is like choosing ANY male partner, including, what challenges you two might face regarding, for example, monetary or healthcare dilemmas; and what functions you allow the media, your family and you buddies to play in your relationship.

Two places I mentioned, specifically finances and health care, are ones in which you will want as you may want to ensure that you continue financially in control of your resources, to be particularly attentive. An income that was equal is not however made by girls compared to men and any assets you’ve should be shielded. Money and love have nothing to do with one another so don’t assume the love you feel will keep your cash safe tomorrow. Girls live longer than men and more senior citizen women live in poverty than guys. Think about your retirement and safeguard your future. In terms of healthcare, remember that as rich cougar women you have issues that are particular and need to take great care of your body as you approach or go through menopause and other related and unrelated aging problems.

And if all indicators are true, the “cougar” media-hype tendency will be extinct or at least barely noticeable in the next year or so, and the relationships will survive. Simply ask Susan and Tim, Demi and Ashton, and Goldie and Kurt. To your success!

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