June’s Info Letter

Dear fellow friends, Athletes, Judges, Coaches, Assistants, companions,

Colleagues and Board Members:


The Costa Rica World Rafting Champs Committee has been working very hard to provide

an event that will not only test the athletes ability to compete in Class IV whitewater,

but  we are also creating an Eco- village close to the competition site, where everyone

should be comfortable, eat well, be healthy, enjoy local entertainment, participate in

proper waste management practices, even plant trees to mitigate the carbon offsets of

your travel and become the first Carbon Neutral World Championship in any sport.



We have chosen the best possible set of rapids to test everyone’s ability to paddle difficult

whitewater. As safety is our major concern the safety team is made up of Class V paddlers with

many years experience all year on Costa Rican rivers. Tori and Roy, safety team leaders, have

over 20 years experience alone and lead a team of more than 25 kayakers, oar boaters and other

safety personnel.



The access to the race sites is extremely challenging. If we did not make this effort to

set up the events in these locations we would be back on a Class III champs which was never

our idea. The remoteness of the area provides a chance for you to interact with the most

pristine rain forest – otherwise why come to Costa Rica, paddle a great river and integrate

with the local community.



For all having been said – we will need your cooperation on sending your registration before

the deadline of August 15, we need to be strict on this matter as logistics to organize this

event will not tolerate last minute sign ups. In short, due to the complexities of the event

and the need to set up the entire event structure ahead of time, no payments after August 15

will be acceptable. Payment of your registration fee should be included and forwarded as soon

as possible.



We are making a huge effort to get enough sponsors to not only to set up the event but build

a village, transport you around and feed you very well. I have never heard of a sports event

or holiday that costs $150 per person all included for 8 days, so please be a part of making

this a memorable event.



We will continue to feed you information that will be important to your comfort, well-being

and planning for this WRC. Tours will be offered before, during and after the Worlds, so

that you get the most out of our country. Be prepared to compete in warm, long-technical,

steep, Class IV plus whitewater, videos coming.



Please send all your inquiries to us directly, and don’t be fooled by alternative web pages.



Rafael Gallo

Event Director

IRF President




As for the training rates, accommodation, food and transportation for the weeks

before the WRC for competitors have the following items:


– Lodging at camp: $15 per night per person

– Food: $25 per day per person

– Raft rent: $50 per day per team

– Safety kayaker: $50 per day per team

– Transport to and from the river as well as transport of boats will be shared

amongst the teams that are training previous to Oct 5th first official training.

The cost may vary between $5.00 to $15.oo per person.



To provide the best facilities for the WRC, we need to know certain things about people

that are coming.


We need the registration forms for each team (Or the date when your National

Selections will be taking place.)


We need to know the exact number of people that are coming, meaning – team members,

coaches, spectators, media people, etc. This is because we need to make

reservations for the people that can’t stay at the Eco Village Camp

where the teams will be staying. (Please understand there is limited space

so we cannot accommodate everyone there. The earlier you register the better.)


We need a passport size photo of each team member, and coaches, to make the Camp’s ID.


You need to pay the entry fee as soon as possible to confirm your participation.


A copy of each passport, and passport information (of each team member and companionship)


Travel details (arrival and departure date of each team member and companionship)


We need to know athlete’s blood type and allergies, in case people know it, it’s

better for us to have this kind of details






In the following dates we will be sending the list of requirements that each person will

need for the WRC week.