Dear National Federations


We hope everything’s going great with everyone. We’d like to

share some important information regarding the WRC.


Since some of you have had problems making the payment via bank

money transfer, we have decided to put a new system that will be

easier for you.


In about a week we will have the option on our official website

(www.costarica2011wrc.com), to pay the entry fee with credit card.


We think it’s easier for most of you that couldn’t make the payment

via money transfer. The system will provide you facilities and its

100% safe on the personal information, for those who can have doubts

about the system.


This will work the following way:


1. Send me the registration form

2. We will make the invoice based on the info on the registration


3. You can pay with the credit card system the amount we put on

the invoice.


Also, it’s important for you to know, the list of things you need to

bring for the WRC, as a reminder and as a must.


– Paddling gear

– Cash ($ ) we will provide info on change to Colones

– Credit and/or debit card

– Bottle for water and for drinks.

– Camp Bag (for all your personal gear)

– Personal things (shampoo, soap, tooth paste, tooth brush,

hair comb, sunblock, sunscreen, mosquitoes repellent, clothes

(wet, hot weather)

– Personal pills

– Towels (travel towels are ideal as not easy to get things dry

in humidity)

– Camping tent (there will be platforms with a roof for you to

pitch your tent on)

– Sleeping bags(light)

– Camping equipment (torches, etc)

– Pillow and sheets

– Hiking shoes (good for walking in rough jungle terrain)

– Camara, ipod, entertainment stuff

– Walking equipment (hiking sticks, day backpacks, etc)

– Good rain gear (although it is generally warm, when it rains

it can be very heavy rain)


If anyone has specific questions about what to bring, don’t hesitate on asking.


We also need information of arrival and departure dates for athletes,

companionship, press media people, and everyone that’s coming to WRC, and let me

remind you that EVERY RESERVATION has to be book with us, or let us know if someone

made reservations apart, because we need to know exactly how many people are coming to WRC.


Thanks and Regards