Invitation Letter to WRC

Dear National Federations:

The Turrialba Chamber of Tourism, and Asoc. Deporte, Aventura y Remo, want to formally invite you to the next WRC 2011 in Costa Rica. Both are working together in order to make this an unforgettable event for you and your teams.

We have the best Class IV section chosen on one of the best rivers in the world, you can google it, or look on the following links to learn more about the river (

We have the CR Tourist board as one of our main sponsors, (

Also, we are focusing on sustainability; this means that we are committed to act responsibilly with the environment ( Mother Nature), the community and our fellow earth inhabitants.

We are building a camp site in order to reduce burning fossil fuels, we plan to use building materials such as Bamboo and recycled or environmentally friendly products, we will apply the best possible practices in Reduction , Recycling and Reutilize with the main purpose of making this a model of sustainable Rural Development. The food we will be serving is locally produced with the best agriculture practices, and we plan to entertain you and have some amazing conferences that deal with river conservation, pollution and sustainability, watershed management and more.

This will not only be a World Rafting Championship; it will be a historic event, because we will be celebrating 20 years since the Rainforest festival took place in 1991, which led to much of the development of the rafting industry in Costa Rica and further Rafting events around the World.


Our team is committed to make this the best event ever, the community is willing to host and grow, and all this is summarized in the fact that Turrialba wants to keep the title of being the Adventure Capital in Costa Rica …

And we want the Pacuare river not only to remain free flowing but to challenge every team to the most of their Class IV-V racing abilities.




Best wishes to all,

Rafael Gallo

Asoc. Aventura y Remo