In my last article I described the immediate and most obvious advantages of invisalign braces or clear braces compared to traditional metal or wire braces. Clearly for the majority of people the apparent word is ‘unnoticeable’, and being able to use braces which are practically difficult to see unless you actually look straight at someone’s teeth needs to be of substantial advantage to many people.


Wearing conventional, metal braces can certainly be harming to a person’s confidence. The fact that statistically most of individuals who wear braces remain in their teenagers, a time when individuals’s self-confidence is at its weakest, using braces which are invisible is certainly of terrific advantage. For lots of people the reason that they pick invisalign braces is simply because of this reality alone, but there are numerous other advantages with using invisalign braces besides that they are hard to area.

In this post going to take a look at another of the benefits which clear braces offer those individuals who feel their teeth might do with some positioning. Many traditional metal braces are repaired into location, so that they can supply constant level of pressure versus the teeth over the period of time they have to be used. This deal represents a problem to individuals, due to the fact that plainly having metal braces fixed your teeth for 2 or more years makes it tough as far as oral hygiene is concerned.

Cleaning teeth is not easy with a metal brace in place, and there are even some foods which can be tricky to consume. If you’re someone who delights in consuming seeded buns then you might find that whilst you’re wearing a metal brace you pick not to eat that particular product, simply because it is too easy for the seeds to end up being trapped or caught within the metal brace. Not only does this feel awkward and uneasy, however obviously it does represent a concern as far as oral hygiene is worried.

But obviously there’s also the fact that there might possibly over the next couple of years be occasions when you actually do not wish to have a metal brace defining who you are and exactly what you look like. Perhaps you have actually been wearing a metal brace throughout your time at university, and you really do not want all your graduation pictures to be controlled by a metal framework grinning at anybody who ever sees your picture.

Whether it’s still pictures, household pictures, passport photographs or other sort of photo that is very important to you, it is definitely advantageous if you can make do without having a metal brace which is extremely visible. The benefit then with invisalign braces or clear braces is that they can be eliminated at any time, very easily.

Invisalign braces are in fact clear trays which merely fit over your upper or lower teeth. These clear trays are not just rather comfy to wear, and nearly totally invisible, however can easily be slipped on or off at any time. I must point out that taking invisible  braces off is not advised, and you need to constantly remember to put them back on once again as soon as possible. Using invisible braces for anything less than 23 hours a day could well lead to your teeth really shifting back into their original position, making it almost impossible to repair the invisible braces back. This might imply having to start the process all over once again.


So being able to get rid of invisalign braces for specific times such as a special meal, for cleaning your teeth, or the special photographs, is an advantage which has actually typically been one of the deciding elements for many people who have actually chosen to have invisible braces or clear braces fitted rather than conventional metal or wire braces. In my next short article I will describe more about how invisible braces actually work.


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