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Cosmetic Bags
Cosmetic Bags

A good gaming case not only gives your PC an identity, additionally, it houses your expensive components. As somebody who has used quite a few cases in yesteryear I believed I’d assemble a list of a few of my favorites.

Start with finding a storage area for the larger gear. This may be a tall utility cupboard or storage enclosure that may be kept in garage, basement, or the laundry room. The cabinet can open with a turn handle or snap lock. Even one with a curtain cover, you can keep wet mop, broom, and the dust mop there, together with a bucket, sponges, hộp đựng đồ trang điểm brushes, and other implements. You can still keep these items together in a corner of a hall cupboard or the laundry room, if you don’t have a cabinet. Just be sure the space is neat, tidy, and moisture-free.

Gamers know that appropriate ventilation and cooling is critical to keeping their PC running within their safe operating temperature limits and for long hours. Overheated components fail early and gaming rigs that run hot freeze up from time to time and lose functionality. Past what cooling system and case you use external factors like dust and improper setup of fans and cables cause lousy air flow and heat distribution that is inefficient.

Right off the bat, I prefer the black shade over the white. Here’s why! First, you will notice that the kickstand is missing on the white model. I don’t see the reason why they choose not to keep this consistent, but I would certainly opt-in for a kickstand. Both are $69.99 so why pay the same cost to get less when you can get more? The kickstand is very streamlined so it actually doesn’t get into the manner of things. As I mentioned that I’m quite the commuter, having a kickstand to watch a film to pass the time is definitely a perk. It sure beats holding my phone in my hand for a couple of hours.

One of the top rated budget cases in the past year has been the Gamma Classic Series ATX Mid Tower. A It comes with a lot of expansion slots for all your hardware (7) and even comes with pre-drilled water cooling holes in the back. A This special case doesn’t come with everything; however, despite the low price it still comes with plenty of room and a 120mm fan to add 5 more fans if required.

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