Chocolate Bean Production Line

Chocolate Bean Production Line

French chocolate is among the most widely used kinds of confection on earth. It is used in many delectable treats including the ever popular chocolate eclair and chocolate mousse. Chocolate truffles have been favored for their rich flavor and feel and chocolate covered pralines were also made popular by the French. Chocolate wasn’t only considered a confection in France. It was additionally used for medicinal purposes and reported to be advantageous.

You might be interested to learn the French had a hand for making chocolate famous in areas besides France. France headed to the Barbary Coast where instead of mining for gold he ended up growing rich by selling chocolate. In 1686, Lyons, France started the Guittard Chocolate factory where it is still family owned and managed to this very day.

The first London chocolate bean production line, afterward called a chocolate house, was created by a Frenchman in 1657. The name of the shop was the Coffee Mill and Tobacco roll. The chocolate that was sold there was not so cheap that only affluent patrons could afford to buy it on

chocolate bean production line

There are very famous, French chocolate manufacturers that have stores and factories that have continued long after they were created to be popular.

In Lyons, France, the Bernachon Chocolate Factory opened in 1945 when he was just 26. He was trained in the craft of chocolate making by his parents at the youthful age of 14. Now, 60 years later, the Bernachon factory remains famous because of its delectable chocolate.

In 1660, a Frenchman named Debauve was dubbed the first “Royal chocolate bean production line”, by King Louis the 14th of France after he’d received a wedding gift of chocolate from his wife Marie Therese. In 1800, approximately a century and 1/2 later, a chocolate shop was established by one of his descendents named Sulpice Debauve in Paris.

His chocolate was so revered that he was able to start stores that are added and had established 60 of them by 1804. Continuing in the tradition Kings Louis XVIII and Charles X appointed them the Official Chocolatiers of the French Court. Sulpice Debauve’s legacy still continues with the firm he founded in 1804, although he died in 1836.

Lots of the delicious chocolates which you enjoy today are due to the innovations of the French who took the straightforward cocoa bean and turned it into a whole business.

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