2nd Info Letter

Dear national federations:

We are happy to announce the preparations for the next World rafting championship are going well and we are looking forward to have you here on October.

The campground we have chosen where we will be building a sustainable village is not only going to provided all the necessary comforts and technology but is bound to be a lot of fun. Also it has a great view to the Pacuare.

There is a bullfighting ring incorporated to the camp so be ready to bring your local best bullfighting cowboy.

Food preparation and menus are being prepared in order to provide the best flavor of Costa Rica to all national delegations, including locally produced meats and vegetables, dairy products and plenty of fruits.

The race will now be held in a place called Mollejones, close to the Pacuare River. Both sprint, Head to Head and Slalom competition will be held in the same section and the Down River will also begin at that point. Prepare yourself for a very challenging class 4+ section at the beginning of the Down River.

Since many of you had ask for some specific information previous to the official event, we like to announced that we should be able to lodged you at the Eco Village for $15 per person and provide meals maybe offer approximately $25 per day per person and transportation to and off the river can also be arranged, cost will be defined depending on the size of vehicle required.

Lodging will also be available in Turrialba. Rates will be from $35 to $145 and reservations can be made first come first serve once the entry fee has being paid.

Raft rental will be 50 per raft per day, and teams will be required to hired safety personal during the non-official down river training, the cost for this safety kayaker will be $80 per day.

We are also happy to arranged for companionship accommodation and tours before, during and after the championship, more information will be post on our official webpage

For more information on what’s happening you can follow us on Twitter @cr2011wrc or on Facebook at Costa Rica 2011 World Rafting Championship,also you can find information on the IRF official web site, or the WRC official website www.costarica2011wrc.com


Rafael Gallo